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Payment Options

If the camp is full you can choose to be placed on our wait list. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sara Kennedy Adams at 503-740-6088 or [email protected]

All Camp fees must be paid using credit card. Two options for payment are available below.

  • If not paying in full, a $100 deposit is due now and the balance will be charged to your card on June 1st. See Terms & Agreement for Cancellation/Refund Policy.


Terms & Agreements

I, the undersigned, being the parent/legal guardian declare that the information on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and I hereby apply for a place at the Spotlight Musical Theatre Academy (Spotlight) indicated for my child. I understand that Spotlight reserves the right to restrict admission at its own discretion.
​CANCELLATION POLICY: Once accepted by Spotlight, written notice must be given of intention to cancel and must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the camp or term start date. If no or late notice is given, camp or term fees will be due in full. Camp fees paid and canceled prior to June 1 are fully refundable minus the camp's processing fee of $15. After June 1 and ONLY if cancellation is received at least thirty (30) days prior to the camp start date, the $100 deposit and processing fee of $15 will be deducted from any refunds given. No refunds thirty (30) or less days before camp or term start date.
PARTICIPATION AND MEDICAL EMERGENCIES- I grant permission for my child to participate in all activities and I understand that Spotlight provides no health insurance or medical coverage and that the signing of this form acknowledges my responsibility for payment of any medical treatment which may be required while my child is participating in classes at the school or online. I further grant permission for Spotlight or its representatives to procure any and all necessary medical help for my child while they are under the supervision of the Spotlight school and authorize Spotlight or its representatives to permit any competent medical person to take all reasonable measures to treat any injury or sickness that my child may suffer.
RELEASE- By signing this form I hereby state that I release all members of the Spotlight staff and any other party involved in the organization and administration of Spotlight from any liability as a result of any injury or illness sustained in, around, or online as a Spotlight.
PHOTO & VIDEO/AUDIO RELEASE- I grant permission for any and all photographs and video/audio recordings taken online with Spotlight schools to be used by Spotlight or its representatives in displays or for advertising in, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, and brochures, online via social media. I understand that no compensation is offered. I also understand that all photographs and video taken by Spotlight are the property of Spotlight.
SIGNATURE- Signing below means I have read, understand & agree to the above declaration.

Billing Information

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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